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Jimmie Vaugh sighting Empty Jimmie Vaugh sighting

Post by gtrbill on Mon Oct 24, 2011 9:24 am

I saw Jimmie Vaugh at a small venue last night. I wasn't too familiar with his music, so I wasn't sure quite what I was in for. I guess I expected Texas electric blues for the most part. It ended up being more electric jazz blues. He put on a great show. The band included Jimmie on his Strat, a second guitarist on a Gretsch, two saxophohes, a stand-up bass, and a drummer. Midway through the set singer Lou Ann Barton joined in for 5-6 songs (fabulous voice). I think she was part of Stevie Ray Vaugh's Double Trouble. They played non-stop for two hours. After the show Jimmie came out in the lobby to hang out at an autograph table. He seems to be be a cool, laid back kind of guy. He seemed very appreciative and personal.

They had cd's and tee shirts for sale at the table. But the highlight was the Jimmie Vaugh Fender Strat, all white body with white pickups and pick guard, which was for sale. It was only $750 and he would auotograph it on the spot. Sounded like a great deal. First problem was "cash only"; second problem, I left my wad at home; third problem, my wad isn't big enough! I guess that makes strike three and I'm out.

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Jimmie Vaugh sighting Empty Re: Jimmie Vaugh sighting

Post by MandoSquirrel on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:17 pm

jimmy's every bit the plaer Stevie was, in my opinion, just not so flashy. They did a recording together shortly before Stevie died that was real cool; at least I thought so.

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