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For Sale Rules You must read before posting.

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For Sale Rules  You must read before posting. Empty For Sale Rules You must read before posting.

Post by Tom Bombadil on Fri Mar 18, 2011 2:16 pm

All listings for sales, trades and purchases in For Sale are subject to the following rules:

1. For Sale is for musical instruments and musical instrument related
items only. Please do not try to sell your old fishing rods, used trucks
or iPhones set here. GSO’s (Guitar Shaped Objects) like a shredder
cheese grater are fine as long as in good taste.

2. Every For Sale listing must include an asking price in your original post.
Auctions and auction equivalents (best offer over $$$, first offer over
$$$, etc.) are not permitted and will be deleted immediately. Any ad
containing a similar phrase and/or interpreted by the moderators to be
an auction or encouraging auction type bidding will be deleted.

3. For Sale is intended for serious sales only. "I'm thinking about
selling" or "preliminary notice" or any similar phrased posts are not
acceptable. As a buyer, if you wish to make an “offer” for an item
(whether the asking price or less), it must be done back channel via an
email or private message. Any public offers made in the forum, will be
immediately deleted and the offending party warned.

4. No "bumping” of your thread to the top is permitted, period. You “bump”
your own thread to the top and we delete. Our friends here don’t need
to waste their valuable time viewing a new post only to find it is a
“bump” to the top. Be an adult, we all know how to navigate a forum and
if in the market will find your treasure.

5. Sell only your item(s). If your friend has a mandolin to sell, please have him or her
join to post their own for sale thread.

6. All For Sale threads will be deleted after thirty days from original
post. You are welcome to re-list your item if it has not sold by this
time. Please update your listing with any change in the status of the
listing at any time. And, if your item is sold, or if you change your
mind about selling, please let the moderator know so the listing can be

7. Only approved dealers may post a For Sale thread.
Any non-approved dealer listings will be deleted. All approved dealer
listings must be stated as a “dealer listing” plainly in the thread
subject and body text.

8. Sellers and buyers are expected to
maintain the highest standards of honesty and civility in order to post
here. Questions are expected to be answered. Deceptive advertising,
Verbal attacks or inflammatory remarks will not be tolerated and are

9. If a moderator is in an especially good mood
and issues you a warning, either openly or back channel, to change
something in your listing, please do so within twenty four hours;
failure to comply will result in your listing being deleted.

10. All sales are between the seller and buyer.

11. Violation of any of these rules by a seller, buyer, or other member
will result in a warning or removal of a listing, or harsher penalties
as decreed by the moderators.

12. All decisions by the moderators
as to dealer status or the restrictions to any dealer is their sole and
absolute discretion, and is final.

13. Any dealer or other
person who posts one or more items in Buy and Sell, and any person who
buys an item in Buy and Sell, hereby irrevocably and permanently waives
all legal rights, including all rights to commence or maintain legal
proceedings in any jurisdiction, against The Seventh String and its
voluntary staff. Under no circumstances will the The Seventh String or
its voluntary staff be liable for the outcome of any sale, trade or
purchase arrangement.

14. If you are a seller and find these
rules unacceptable, do not post here. Once you post an item for sale,
you are irrevocably deemed to have accepted these rules.

TOM BOMBADIL-For Sale moderator
Tom Bombadil
Tom Bombadil

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